Photo of Rick Carrion, captain of The ELF

A safer, more fulfilled life with hearing aids

Rick Carrion is the captain of the ELF, the oldest active racing yacht in the United States. Built in 1888, it was derelict when he bought it, back when he was only 19 years old. Decades later, he’s still sailing the ELF, which requires both good hearing and balance. He must be able to hear his crew clearly in all conditions, as so many aspects of sailing and racing require quick decisions and action. Balance is also critically important aboard tilting decks, with more than a mile of line to step around. Difficulty hearing could put everyone onboard in danger, while poor balance increases the risk of serious injury.

Over the years Rick realized he was having increasing difficulty hearing. He found conversations were harder to understand in person or on the phone. Music had become harder for him to enjoy. Rick’s family, particularly his daughter, Cassidy, who was coincidentally studying audiology at Salus University, also noticed his hearing difficulties and encouraged him to seek treatment. Rick told Cassidy he wanted to start with the best hearing aids possible. Together, they chose Signia Pure primax hearing aids.

Hearing aids with multiple benefits

As Rick started to use his new hearing aids, he noticed that not only did his hearing improve, it kept getting better and better. The Spatial Configurator program, which he controls from an app on his smartphone, enables him to discreetly and easily adjust his hearing aids to focus in on exactly what he wants to hear. He also likes being able to adjust his devices for many different listening environments, so he can hear clearly whether he’s out on the water or at home. The hearing aids are also IP67-rated for water resistance, a feature that appealed to Rick for obvious reasons.

Rick also appreciates having hearing aids with rechargeable batteries, because he has “large hands with a size 16 ring finger.” Instead of having to change tiny batteries every week, he simply puts his hearing aids in a charger overnight and wakes to a full day of better hearing. He also likes the rocker switch on top of each unit that allows him to increase or decrease the volume in both ears with the touch of either switch. Additionally, no one knows he’s wearing his hearing aids when they’re on, because they are so small and discreet.

Don’t wait to enjoy better hearing

Rick feels his life is now safer and more fulfilled thanks to his Pure hearing aids. While out on the water, he can enjoy the sounds of nature, like birds singing and the waves breaking against the bow. He encourages others who realize they have hearing loss to address it instead of living in denial, so they, too, can enjoy all the sounds of life they’ve been missing.